Ours 10 best free tools for creativity

creativity is gift we need to help people to make a beter world

The key of humanity is creativity we think is key for freedom and a pain less world.. And money mustn't be a problem for people who want contribute and  take a place in humanity . So we decide to list an non exhaustive list of Software open and free.  In 3d , 2d , Music and other field . We hop that list ll be useful for you thanks. 

Blender is famous and its because is community is fantastic. This tool is full documented and you ll find ever somebody to help you. With this you can model 3D architecture , design animation, , vfx and all this features are for free !  http://www.blender.org

image GIMP
Gimp don t have the power of a photshop sofwar but with this in you pocket you ll make some great stuff
without a penny . Drawing , make some animated gif all feateur are great and now with the new version They make a better work flow with 1 windows and beter typo tool. http://www.gimp.org/

LMMS LL give you a fun moment when without money you ll make music like a pro. If feel like fruity loops and  you have a great community if you have a problem. And they have a LMMs share platform they allow you to share your creation more easily.  Poorly we can t access to pre-set of you favourite software. An other great software is psycle but its oldshool way to make music...

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